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300mm -3850g China BeiWei Shen Gui Dynasty Inscription Iron Buddha A.D518 北魏神龜元年銘文大鐵佛 -14011820412190
A.D 518(BeiWei Dynasty Shen Gui Years)

List Price$400.00   Price:$360.00   Save:$40.00

320mm -7860g China Inscription Four combinations of Iron Buddha 大唐四件組合銘文鐵佛 -14011820412199
Very heavy!!A.D 751(Tang Dynasty TIAN BAO 10 Years)

List Price$600.00   Price:$500.00   Save:$100.00

320mm -3085g China Tang Dynasty Inscription Iron Buddha A.D751 大唐銘文鐵佛 -14011820412198
A.D 751(Tang Dynasty TIAN BAO 10 Years)

List Price$350.00   Price:$300.00   Save:$50.00

250mm -1180g China NorthernWei Dynasty Iron Buddha A.D386-557 北魏銘文鐵佛 -14011820412197

List Price$150.00   Price:$120.00   Save:$30.00

6# 360MM-2630g Large China Northern Wei Dynasty Bronze Gilt Buddha A.D386-557 北魏青铜鎏金佛 -14011820412196

List Price$300.00   Price:$260.00   Save:$40.00

3# 330MM-1444g China Northern Wei Dynasty Bronze Gilt Buddha A.D386-557 北魏青铜鎏金佛 -14011820412193

List Price$200.00   Price:$150.00   Save:$50.00

2# 180MM China Northern Wei Dynasty Bronze Gilt Buddha A.D386-557 北魏青铜鎏金佛 -14011820412192

List Price$100.00   Price:$88.00   Save:$12.00

China Northern Wei Dynasty Bronze Lotus seat Buddha A.D386-557

List Price$60.00   Price:$45.00   Save:$15.00

China Northern Wei Guanyin Bodhisattva Buddha A.D386-557

List Price$50.00   Price:$35.00   Save:$15.00

4# China Northern Wei Dynasty Iron Buddha A.D386-557

List Price$80.00   Price:$60.00   Save:$20.00

3# China Northern Wei Dynasty Inscription Iron Buddha A.D386-557

List Price$99.00   Price:$80.00   Save:$19.00

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